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My passion is empowering individuals like you to achieve your goals efficiently and navigate life's journey with fulfillment. As a seasoned corporate professional and a well-trained executive/career coach, I lean on the skills, qualifications, and knowledge I have gained to help you realize your potential.


  • IMD Executive Coaching Certificate
  • Certified IDI personal assessment facilitator
  • ICF Coaching Member
  • Rapid Transformational Therapist
  • MPA, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, USA
  • Leadership, Management & Decision Sciences, Harvard Kennedy School of Government (2017)
  • MBA George Washington University, USA
  • BBA-University of San Diego, USA

   You can view all my credentials HERE


Nabila Abu-Hantash is a finance and investment banking professional with 30 years of experience in finance and strategy. Positions she undertook: Head Of Strategy and Planning, at AlArgan International Real Estate Company, Financial Consultant for The Kuwait Authority For Partnership Projects, Vice President in AlShall Investment Company, and Business Development Manager for the Independent Petroleum Group.

In the last three years, she undertook to successfully bring to Kuwait a leadership mentorship program by the name of Girls for Girls.

This career profile was built on honed skills of creative approach, strategic thinking, inspirational communication, financial analysis, data assimilation and synthesis,  and project management.


To create a culturally relevant supportive framework to enable my clients to realize their dreams, live their passion, and create ever-green value for themselves and others. To partner with my client so that they can dream it, see it grasp it.


  • DEVELOP a clear and strategic vision for your career.
  • ENHANCE your leadership and communication skills.
  • IGNITE your creativity, inspiration and motivation while finding purpose and joy in your career.
  • IDENTIFY hidden value through innovative thinking and situational unpacking.


The coaching practice is bound by the principles of ethics and confidentiality set forth in the ICF Code of Ethics, abbreviated as follows:

  • Preserving Confidentiality - Protection of any information obtained around the coaching engagement unless consent to release is given.
  • Avoiding Conflict of Interest - A situation in which an ICF Professional is involved in multiple interests where serving one interest could work against or be in conflict with another. This could be financial, personal or otherwise.
  • Accessing Equality - A situation in which all people experience inclusion, access to resources and opportunity, regardless of their race, ethnicity, national origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, immigration status, mental or physical disability, and other areas of human difference.
  • Guiding ethical reflection, education and decision-making.
  • The ICF Code of Ethics is based on the ICF Core Values and the actions that flow from them. All values are equally important and support one another. These values are aspirational and should be used as a way to understand and interpret the standards. All ICF Professionals are expected to showcase and propagate these Values in all their interactions.


Coaching tools are derived from a systematic perspective to understand the need for “structure” in the interaction between coach and client. Some modalities emphasize speed in getting results, segregating judgment from fact within an active listening dynamic; others offer structure and an outline for the coaching conversation and the overall coaching journey. The modality is the process you use to work with your client. It embodies all of your tools and techniques, including the question frameworks. A tool is used to produce results and how a coach engages in an interactive discourse, including profile assessments, expansive questioning, and inspirational reframings. The tools that I use are varied, but to summarize I use:

  • Value versus personal resonance.
  • GROW: Goal, reality, options and will.
  • Secure-based leadership structures.
  • Nonviolent Communication methods.
  • IDI personality assessment.
  • The rules of the mind.
  • Saboteurs and enhancers.
  • 360 (Group Coaching).
  • Bespoke Choice Matrices.
  • East meets West wisdom.


  • Harvard Club Kuwait Chapter Board Member.
  • Member Of Athar National Development Team, associated with Harvard Business School GCC Club.
  • Girls for Girls Kuwait Country Lead.
  • Volunteer at the Palestinian Culture Center, Kuwait Chapter.
  • Offer pro bono one on one youth mentoring within the Women's Cultural and Social Society.
  • Volunteer for fundraising strategies within Birzeit University.
  • I am currently interested in youth mentoring across Lavant and Iraq and, at this moment, call for contacts and organizations to develop this aspiration.