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GIRLS 4 GIRLS (www.projectg4g.org) is a nonprofit initiative founded in May 2017 by a group of women Harvard Alumni who felt that women remain globally underrepresented in public, private, and civil leadership positions. Women’s absence at the table limits their power and capacity to influence fundamental shifts in policy, practice, informed decision-making, and allocation of resources needed to thrive and make our world more equitable. When women gain a seat, they lack confidence and critical skills (communications, negotiations) and are inhibited by internal fears honed by culture and patriarchal beliefs.   


Project Girls for Girls G4G was established to help girls and women develop the courage, vision, and skillsets to take on leadership roles and act as agents of change in their lives and communities. By bringing together insights from key leaders and a global network of mentors, we aim to grow the pipeline of women in public/private sector leadership. We believe in the voices of young women, their hopes and aspirations, and their power to change the world, yet for young women to cultivate the capacity to lead, they need a nurturing and supportive environment. By bringing girls together within and across cultures, we can build confidence, courage, and curiosity. Through mentorship and community building, we can unleash the potential of young women and grow the pipeline of women ready for and eager to engage in leadership. 


The project’s framework is run on a Harvard-based leadership mentorship module that introduces and discusses leadership skills and requirements through 6 sessions related to courageous leadership, the art of communication, negotiations, stepping up to the office, and ethics in decision making. The content is derived from Harvard professors simplified to an interactive modality mimicking the Harvard classroom module. Topics are Courageous Leader, the Art of Communication, Negotiations; Public Service & Running for Office; and Morals and Values. The module’s methodology relies on self-designed solutions, mentorships, and networks, including global book clubs, writing clubs, fireside chats, and peer-to-peer methods.  

Global Presence 

Since 2017, 1,000 mentors have been trained, 3000 mentees graduated, and hundreds have stepped up to mentor others in a strong multiplier effect. In Africa, the program saw mentees starting community campaigns (e.g., food, blood donation drives), negotiating positions and salaries, promoting, opening/ improving businesses, innovating; running for office; increased voice, visibility, productivity, and impact on the bottom line. Over 70% indicate increased confidence in pursuing goals, and in some cohorts, up to 75% of mentees have stepped into leadership positions within six months of graduating. G4G has a footprint in 23 countries globally, with Uganda being the oldest chapter and the lead in training mentors Globally.  

G4G Kuwait Team

Nabila Abu-Hantash – Country Lead 

Dr. Saita AlAjmi – Senior Mentor

Dr. Emily Goshey – Senior Mentor

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