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It is with appreciation that I share some of the feedback I was given upon conducting coaching sessions.

"I have a career coaching package with Nabila, and after just two sessions with her, I've found her holistic approach incredibly insightful. Her thought-provoking questions have helped me see how different aspects of life interconnect, enabling me to reflect and set achievable goals while considering long-term objectives. I leave the sessions feeling energetic and well-grounded for the coming tasks and objectives. I very much look forward to continuing our sessions."
Nourah Said
Architect and Entrepreneur 
"I have reinvented myself by having Nabila conduct coaching sessions. I am grateful for the questions she asked and the inspiring conversations we had. Her method of unpacking issues and allowing me focused reflections has truly opened my eyes to what really matters to me and the steps I need to take towards even greater success."
Maarten Tjallingii
Entrepreneur & Former Pro Athlete
“I had the privilege of working with Nabila Abu-Hantash as my executive coach, and I must say that her unique blend of extensive business experience, innate wisdom, and diligent collaborative approach has been nothing short of refreshing and impactful. Nabila possesses an extraordinary talent for bridging her profound understanding of the corporate world with her inner wisdom, guiding her clients towards the achievement of clear and mutually defined goals. It has been an enlightening journey, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking meaningful and transformative coaching.”
Laurens Van de Vijver
"Nabila has been an invaluable asset in my professional journey. Her expertise as an executive coach has played a pivotal role in shaping my business objectives and setting clear, achievable goals. With her support, I've gained a deeper understanding of my strengths and areas for improvement, which has resulted in more effective leadership and strategic decision-making. I'm grateful for her unwavering support and I highly recommend Nabila to anyone seeking to reach their full potential in their careers."
Rasha Al-Banna
Managing Director at Olifant Marketing Agency
"Nabila's executive coaching has been transformative for my leadership journey. Her insightful guidance and strategic approach have helped me navigate complex challenges with better clarity and greater confidence. Through our sessions, I've gained valuable insights into my leadership strengths and areas for development. I came out of it more focused and inspired with a plan to achieve my goals. I highly recommend Nabila to any executive seeking impactful results. Her commitment to helping me achieve both personal and professional goals; her celebration of my success is truly a gift."
Dalal A. Marafie
G4G Task Force
"Nabila and I encountered each other on a mutual path for wisdom, spiritual growth, and genuine concern for fellow mankind, embodying a true calling to help the other. Her endeavor of career coaching can only be enriching as Nabila has a powerful education, a rich professional background, an expansive mind, and eloquent speech with an overarching strategic vision. My encounter with Nabila was rich as it was filled with reflections on leadership, communication, purpose in life and enlightenment. Drawing upon my extensive experience in corporate supervisory and executive roles, my time in Dutch politics and having worked or lived in Europe, US, Middle East, Asia and Africa, I can predict that you will get to know Nabila as your dedicated guide, who will motivate you to let your leadership shine and who will navigate you onto a most satisfying career path"
Annette Nijis
President Business School Netherlands
Former Dutch Cabinet Minister in Education, Science and Culture
"I completed a package with Nabila to help me with a career transition. She created a safe place that enabled a 360 reflection, shedding light on many potential alternatives that I previously did not consider. I was able quickly to discern where my limiting beliefs were and decided on a course of action. I appreciated that Nabila is responsive and truly cared about my success and emotional well-being. At the end of each session, she made sure that I felt comfortable and well cared for. This combination of care and intelligent discourse was magically effective. I will resort to Nabila when I need her in the future, and be one of her repeat coachees."
Dr. Samiya Almusallam
Chairman Of The Family Medicine Program
"I had completed multiple sessions of executive coaching with the amazing Coach Nabila Abu Hantash. When we started our coaching journey, i had many thoughts and concerns going on in my life, that i needed to share with someone who can help me organize my thoughts and priorities to achieve better in my personal and professional life. I found Coach Nabila to be the right person to “brain storm’ with me and smoothly and professionally guided me to find my own solutions by organizing my own thoughts for the issues i struggled to solve for a long time. highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for professional and high yield life coaching that carries outcomes which can be practically applied and results in realistic goal achievements."
Dr. Anwar Alsumait
When I started my coaching journey, I did not know it would be so fruitful. Nabila asked ever deeper probing questions with the questions becoming narrower as she focused on specific interactions I have described. As the sessions progressed, I was able to clearly see familiar patterns that I had not realized were holding me back from achieving my goals. In a thought-provoking manner, Nabila explained their significance and relevance to the issue. I saw how counterproductive they can be. I enjoyed the safe environment that was prevalent throughout the sessions. I also appreciated the solutions and strategies that unfolded, specific to myself and my situation. I would not hesitate to recommend Nabila to a friend or a colleague.
Engineer. Rami Saffarini
Landside Civil & Buildings (LCB) Planner West Sydney Airport